Diagnostic Test

This diagnostic test is designed to test your General English. There are 50 questions altogether. Once you complete it, you can see the score and the level of your English.

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1. My car needs ______________ .


2. I went to National Museum _________ bus with my friends yesterday.


3. Thomas was too ______________ to ask Monica for a dance.


4. You don’t need to bring ___________ to eat.


5. Before you go, ___________ sure all the windows are well-locked.


6. I haven’t had so much fun __________ I was a young boy.


7. In my country, it is _____________ the law to watch an X-rated film if you are under 18.


8. If only I _____________ made a phone call!


9. You see a box of approximately 50 peaches. Which word would you not use to describe the peaches in the following sentence? “I see ___________ peaches”


10. Which sentence is not a question?


11. Sue and Mike ___________ to go camping to spend their weekend.


12. Which is said to be a list of Reflexive Pronouns?


13. ______________ remember to buy some milk I ordered?


14. Just take A20 _________________ the roundabout, then turn left.


15. I really hope you can find _______________ out of your problem soon.


16. The wonderful smell of freshly ____________ coffee hit us when we entered the cafe.


17. How about going to cinema?


18. They were _________ after having a long journey, so they went to bed immediately.


19. Which group of words are described as Prepositions?


20. Who’s calling, please?


21. To ask a person directions to a hotel, you could start by saying _________?


22. Eat everything up! I don’t want to see anything __________ on your plate!


23. Mike’s dad wouldn’t ____________ him go to school with a red streak in his hair.


24. When Christopher smiles, he __________ me of his grandfather.


25. Which noun when used in the plural is irregular?


26. Which list has an irregular verb incorrectly conjugated ?


27. ________ people know the answer to that question.


28. Are you having a nice time?


29. A. Don’t forget to put the rubbish out.
B. I’ve __________ done it!


30. In English language, nouns are the words used as ____________ .


31. Everyone wanted to go out for sightseeing _____________ John.


32. Adverbs are words that ____________?


33. Honestly, I saw a ghost! I am not ____________ it up!


34. How old are you, now?


35. What is the difference __________ football and rugby?


36. In the Olympics, athletes are given a bronze medal if they finish……………….?


37. Rebecca had to __________ the wedding invitation as she was busy studying for her final exam.


38. The police _____________ that a terrorist group might be behind the kidnapping.


39. Can you tell me the __________ to the bus station?


40. I’ll go and ___________ if I can find him.


41. How would you complete the following phrase: “I’m sorry but I do not have ___ money”.


42. I am afraid you _________________ smoke in this public place.


43. Could you watch my bag while I go and get a cup of coffee?


44. Which auxiliary verb tells the listener that you are talking about the future?


45. Sorry, I don’t know _________ you are talking about.


46. Read the following sentences. Which sentence is the correct Present Simple?


47. A prefix is ____________ .


48. A. What color would you like to have, Sue?
B. I’d like the one similar ________ my bag color.


49. It’s not __________ to walk home alone in the darkness of the night.


50. Could you pass the salt please?


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