ESC Service
English is a language of business, trade, science, technology and socializing. It is used by majority of the world population. In today’s global era, having a good command of English opens a wider opportunity for us not only to win the tight competition but also to conquer the world. That’s why it is urgent that we be competent in it.

However, it is not that easy for an English learner to be good at the language for there are many aspects he or she must master well. To cope with this issue, ESC offers effective teaching method to individuals, students, professionals and in-company trainings to learn English promptly through the following programs:

1. Conversation Program:

2. English for Specific Skills:

3. Request-based Tuitions:

  • > Bahasa Indonesia for Expatriates
  • > English Lessons for School Students

We also offer the following Services to assist you in :

  • > Company Recruitment Interview
  • > Writing: Article, Proposal, Essay, etc.
  • > Translation (Sworn and Non-sworn)
  • > Proof Reading
  • > School/College Writing Assignment

Do not waste your time joining multiple levels of English class if you can shorten it in a crash program ESC offers. So, contact us immediately and find the most effective approach to learning English ever