Our Method

our method

To ensure that you get the best service from ESC, we incorporate a reliable method in every teaching-learning activity

To some learners, English is just simple and easy to learn. But to others, it is complicated and difficult. If you belong to the latter, you may have learned it unsystematically in which the method and strategy you use are unsystematic as well.

ESC is established to cater to such a need of how to learn English effectively.

The team of ESC who have dealt with English learning-teaching activity for about 20 years have formulated special tips, tricks and strategies of EASY: Effective, Accurate, Systematic and Yielding for use as a new and different approach to learning English.


We provide you with Effective way of teaching to help you directly grasp what the lesson is all about. By then, you are able to find out directly what the difficulty you encounter and solve it effectively.


We train you how to be Accurate in understanding English grammar, structure, spelling, pronunciation and as such in order that your English mastery is perfect.


We value system, so the way we explain all the nooks and crannies of English is very Systematic.


Above all, we strive for excellence that what we do to you and what you get from us is Yielding.

So, if you need prompt solution to your learning English, just contact us.
We are ready to help you deal with it

ESC mengembangkan metode belajar yang membuat Anda memahami bahasa Inggris dengan sangat mudah.